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Big Brother U.K and Celebrity Big Brother U.K to be stopped

It is revealed by the broadcasting network channel-5 that they are about to officially end the reality shows Big Brother UK and Celebrity Big Brother UK. However, this decision will not be applicable for the US and Canadian Version of the show.
The newly started season 5 of the UK based reality show will also be its last one.
In a statement, the members of the broadcasting agency said:
"We’d like to thank Endemol Shine UK and all of the production team who have worked tirelessly to make the show a success."
This decision has not been taken well by the production house Endemol and they clearly stated their regret on the lack of agreement with Channel-5 to continue the reality show in UK.
Big brother U.K and its celebrity version have been famous for their controversial and scandalous nature. The celebrities over the years have been publicly shamed for their acts in this special house raising quite a lot of eyebrows on the nature of the show.
Remarkably, this reality show is very successful in many parts of the world being produced in 20 countries. The most popular type of the show is its US version where 20 seasons of Big Brother have been released till now. Moreover, this reality show is also famous in Europe and Asia. There are four shows of this kind with different names being aired in India.
Big Brother U.K and Celebrity Big Brother U.K also started off with a huge number of audience and had been growing for some years after its inauguration.
But, for the last few years the ratings of the show have been dropping drastically in the UK according to its broadcaster Channel-5 and so they decided to officially end the broadcasting of the reality show in the UK. 

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