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Rapid diminishing of the forests

The forests on the planet earth are facing the biggest clearing in the history of mankind, affecting the quality of land miserably. It is estimated that the world will be without any rain forests in the next 100 years if the current rate of deforestation is continued.
Previously, people only used to cut forest for the purpose of farming and acquiring more space for crops and livestock. With the passage of time, the manufacturers began bigger activity of deforestation for producing wood and paper products to meet the requirements of the rapidly increasing population on the surface of earth.
The urban advancement has caused the huge increase of solid jungles over decades and destroyed the face of green planet. Deforestation is happening the world over so as to acquire space for various purposes.
It is influencing the nature in a worst possible way. The entire environment is polluted and destabilized. And there is an ever increasing number of floods are being watched every year and harm the living regions and loss of property and lives.
The environmental change is another reason for this problem in the regions where the clay is moist. However, when the covering trees are vanished, the direct warmth from sun isn't blocked and thus it rapidly dries out and water vaporizes and comes back to atmosphere. 

An ever increasing number of industries are mushrooming everywhere throughout the world, consistently around 18 million acres of land of land is deforested resulting in environment becoming more and more polluted. The air pollution is increasing day by day which is influencing the general health of all the living things including human, animals and plants.
Burning and clear cutting of trees is a regular practice and declared illegal in numerous regions of the world. However, suitable measures are not being taken which is resulting into unstable weather conditions.
The unpredictable swings of changes in weather conditions are being observed from the past 50 years where heavy rain falls, land sliding, barren lands have been increased. Natural habitat of different species of animals is badly affected, more and more birds and animals have been migrated or died as there is huge lack of favorable conditions. The population of different animals is being reduced day by day while some of them are even on the brink of extinction.
From the past 50 years, there have been an unpredictable swings of changes in weather conditions and the heavy rain fall, land sliding, barren lands have been increased. As a result, the natural habitat of different species is gravely influenced, and an increasing number of birds and animals have migrated or died as there is an absence of favorable conditions. The population of various species is being decreased day by day while some of them are even on the verge of extinction.
Mankind is not only responsible for this deforestation, nature and human beings collectively harm the forests. Rapid fires, floods, over-gazing are the other main causes of deforestation. There are solutions to prevent such big disasters from happening and saving these tropical and rain forests for future generations. Appropriate planning of cutting trees is fundamental, but then again as explained in a study, “number of trees planted should be multiplied by the quantity of trees cut in replacement.
The government and the people should take steps to plant more and more trees to cater the problems arising from deforestation. If one specific area has to be cleared for some purpose, at least the same number of trees should be planted in some adjacent zones. Governments around the world should formulate and implement more effective laws to control the illicit practices of deforestation. The cutting of trees should be adjusted by planting younger trees in urban zones and empty lands. Only this will save the planet earth and make our future generations safer and healthier.

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