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Mars will be super close to Earth this summer!!!

The astronomers in their latest study have revealed that the planet Mars will be very close to the Earth this summer. The people will be able to visualize it clearly without using the telescope.
The whole event has been named as “Mars Close Approach”. It takes place when orbits of Mars and Earth line up around the Sun in a different way than normal. The arrangement is made as such that the red planet is closer than usual to the Sun.
At this time, the Mars will only be a 35.8 million miles away from the sun. Although this distance is still massive, its actually close enough for humans to see it with just our eyes.

There is a strong belief among the scientists that this approach will take place on July 31, 2018. But, Mars will begin to look considerably brighter than usual in the days leading up to it.
This sort of event takes place every 15-17 years and Mars won’t be this close to Earth again until September 15, 2035. So mark your calendars everyone, this event is not to be missed.   

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