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Chief Justice of Pakistan’s Fundraising Campaign

It is now official that the consensus on two dams that the worthy Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar referred to a few days back was about Diamer-Bhasha and Munda dams and it did not include Kalabagh Dam. In an order passed by a bench of the apex court, headed by CJP, a detailed procedure has been elaborated to ensure construction of the two dams without further delay.

The level of interest being shown by the Supreme Court and constitution of an implementation committee means there would be fast-paced execution towards construction of these two water reservoirs.
In view of the prevailing situation, there were apprehensions that the country was heading towards a catastrophic path because of neglect in their construction. In fact, there was already consensus on construction of these dams and governments of PML(Q), PPP and PML(N) all made some progress towards construction of Diamer-Bhasha, which is priority number one.
Over a billion rupees have already been paid as compensation for land acquisition but the dream of full-scale construction could not materialize due to financial constraints.
With this in view, the seriousness of the Chief Justice can be gauged by the fact that he has also ordered institution of a separate fund for construction of these two dams and gave strict orders that there would be no diversion of funds from this account to any other head.

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