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Why the concept of Change is only to PTI?

“Change” is the word doing rounds in our society these days. This is most specifically being linked with the concept of Naya Pakistan given by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). According to Imran Khan and his team there is a complete vision behind this term in their mind. There is a lot of criticism these days on the promises made by Imran Khan in this regard that are actually quite hard to fulfill.

But, what people need to understand is that the concept of change is not only related to PTI and Imran Khan, each and every individual of the country should be responsible to bring about a substantial change in the country. Some of the things a common person can do to make it happen are discussed below:
Every citizen of Pakistan should pay the taxes applicable to them completely. This will help the government in recovering a handsome amount of money and inevitably help in bailing out this troublesome economy of Pakistan.
Corruption has been a major issue of Pakistan over the years. People should refrain themselves from doing corruption and report any instances of wrongdoings they observe in general public. If this menace is removed from our society, it will go a long in developing a new and better Pakistan than before.
Law and order condition of our country has improved a great deal during the last few years but still some spells of terror attacks hamper the state of peace maintained in the country. The citizens all over the country should coordinate with the government and the armed forces in this respect and report any unusual activity taking place around them immediately, so that the threat can be handled appropriately and efficiently.  
Another major problem is the lack of basic necessities like water for drinking and janitorial purposes, healthcare and education. Government along with the citizens should take swift and long-lasting arrangements so solve this issue. People who have more than enough share of these resources should stop wasting them so that the poor can also take advantage of these resources.
Electricity production through water dams is very essential for Pakistan. If this issue is not resolved in near future, there will be a huge shortage of electricity and water resources in the coming years. People should help the government in this respect particularly by donating the required amount of money for this noble cause.
In a nutshell, real change can only occur if the people belonging to different statuses and walks of life take an active part in bringing about this change with the proper supervision of the government.

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