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Here are some of our favorite features of iOS 12 public beta

First of all, we should warn you that the beta version still has a lot of bugs. But, if only you are courageous enough to take this risk then please go ahead and download the iOS 12 public beta version.
After testing the iOS 12 version, here is our review:
To begin with, there’s the feature “Memoji” for all the iPhone X users. It’s basically an animated cartoon face of yourself. You can customize your skin color, hairstyle, head shape, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, ears, facial hair, eyewear, headwear, and so much more. So what’s the wait look beautiful with just some clicks!!
Another new feature is the addition of four new Animoji’s namely the tiger, the koala, the T-rex and the ghost.
But, the main feature of the iOS 12 is the Group Facetime, which is finally being launched. You can now facetime not 2,3 or 4 persons at a time but a total number of 32 users at a time. Obviously, it’s hardly possible to talk with all 32 members of chat at a time, but the features there to use if someone wants. The interesting feature in this new application is that the user can also make an appearance as an Animoji, Memoji or apply stickers that move with your head during FaceTime.

The next feature will probably be the favorite addition to iOS according to users because it’s going to tell them how obsessed they are with their phone. The “Screen Time” will give you information like how many times you picked up your phone, how long you used an app for, and how many notifications you had in a day. Well, it’s a valuable information if you need hard statistics to shame yourself into being less addicted to your phone.
Speaking of notifications, iOS 12 is gonna make them tidier, and as a result, less stressful to look at. They’ll be grouped by apps and threads, and will appear on your lock screen, in a stack. You can expand them by tapping.
The last feature that we want to highlight is the “Measure app”. This app uses augmented reality to easily let you, well, measure things. Getting a measurement is super simple. You draw lines between points you want to measure and then iOS calculates the length. But, this feature is not very reliable for precise measurement, at least in the public beta version of iOS. 
And that sums up the top 5 features that’s coming to iOS 12. Do let us know which out of these features you would like to try??

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