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Why a person has to die to prove their illness?

The society these days has turned into a nightmare for the people suffering from health diseases. Why is it so?

People these days are spending most of their time on various social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Due to a massive increase in the use of these websites most people are listening to the latest news and stories from there only. These websites are full of hate material from different sections of the society. 

Due to the growth of negative thoughts against a specific person, most of the people develop a false perception regarding him. This increase in the negative thoughts and ideas has adverse affects on their minds.

As a result, people tend to give comments about the persons they started to hate mainly due to social media. This kind of behavior has been seen on social media regarding the case of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz, ex-First lady of Pakistan and wife of former prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. 

She was diagnosed with throat cancer last year and for the past few months she has been on ventilator. Ultimately, she lost her fight with cancer on September 11, 2018.

People have been coming up with negative comments on social media, since the news of her illness first sufficed last year. Many people who hate the party she was affiliated with proposed that she is not ill and her bad health is being used as an excuse by Nawaz Sharif to get leverage in the Court Proceedings against him. 

This sort of behavior has to be addressed  and stopped in our society. Instead of following the trend of hate speech against a specific person, one should respect the version of the claiming party as she is the daughter, mother and wife of someone.

Also, an air of mutual respect should be established between the followers of opposing political or non-political competitors because it is the only way forward if Pakistan wants to succeed as a nation.


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